Powering Internet of Things

As per the reports, there will be more than 50 billion connected devices by 2020. With more than 12 billion connected devices in the world, businesses are developing or expanding IoT technology strategies in their products and services to stay ahead of the competition. From smart homes to smart cars and gadgets, and even smart enterprises, the IoT market is impacting the way we do business along with changing the way we build things and how we get around.

MosChip is an M2M/IoT company with hardware and so­ftware platforms used for automated lighting, smart metering, remote monitoring of construction and mining equipment (excavators, loaders, cranes, fork lift­s), diesel generators, solar panels, windmills, and logistics (vehicle fleets, school bus, asset tracking). MosChip also offers product design services in hardware, embedded, enterprise, and mobile application.

MosChip’s expertise ranges from hardware board design to embedded applications and cloud/mobile applications. Our technology skills include wireless (ZigBee, RF, WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, mesh algorithms, LoRa, GSM), automotive (CANbus, OBD II), industrial, and BMS (Modbus, BACnet, LonWorks).

MosChip has vast experience in developing M2M and IoT applications and has delivered end-to-end solutions in record time. Whether it was industrial controls, high-end machines, heavy equipment, HVAC controls, vehicles, smart meters or even home appliances, Maven has delivered M2M solutions by taking responsibility for hardware design, embedded development, cloud connectivity, and smartphone accessibility.

Our Core IoT Capabilities Mapped To Technology Practice Areas


Our Solution

Smart Street Lighting

Our Smart Street Lighting Solution helps utilities and cities cut energy costs, improve the safety of citizens, increase ROI, and reduce electricity the‑s. Control multiple street lights from a single feeder with features like automated turn on/off­, dimming, predictive maintenance, and centralized reporting.

Smart Lighting

Our Smart Lighting Solution helps businesses monitor everyday energy consumption, emission, and health of all lighting fixtures. Our solution enables businesses to remotely manage lighting fixtures, reduce the operational and maintenance cost, track energy thefts, and collect data, manually.

Smart Metering

Our Smart Metering Solution is an end-to-end indigenous solution designed to convert your existing meters into smart meters. All the data collected is uploaded to the cloud application and can be remotely monitored to make informed business decisions and review consumption patterns.

Fleet Management

Our Fleet Management Solution provides asset tracking and advanced monitoring tools to virtually control your fleet from anywhere. Our solution provides businesses with the vehicle’s exact location, hours of operation, and provides service maintenance reminders.

Diesel Generator Monitoring

Our Diesel Generator Monitoring allows multiple authorized users to remotely determine the status of the generators, reducing the need for costly service calls and on-site visits. status of the generators, reducing the need for costly service calls and on-site visits

Heavy Equipment Monitoring

Our Heavy Equipment Monitoring Solution is designed to increase productivity and put a stop to the unauthorized use of heavy equipment and machinery such as earth moving equipment, mobile RMC plants, and excavators, forklift equipment used at remote locations.