Semiconductor IPs

MosChip offers a vast and diverse portfolio of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) blocks to support the design & verification needs of customers. With both in-house design & verification IPs available, MosChip enables customer designs to be brought quickly to market.  Our expert engineering team & well-established eco-system enables our clients to develop highly competitive products. Our extensive knowledge in domain/protocol & skill that we offer for developing, testing and integrating various kind of IP for multiple market segments, helps our customers quickly productize & monetize their IP/IP based solutions. We create solutions as per the needs of the customer, in keeping with the best possible process to meet all targets – a fully supported IP development exercise, in minimum time frame.

Verification IPs

MosChip’s ASIC Verification IP’s are reusable verification modules that consist of bus functional models, traffic generators, protocol monitors, and functional coverage blocks. MosChip’s plug-and-play Verification IP’s cut down the overall verification time for the companies and enables the companies to quickly market their product.

Mixed Signal IPs

MosChip’s PHY technology is based on G-Architecture which provides high-speed serial data interface (SerDes) IP which helps in developing low-cost, low-power SoC for various networking applications. MosChip’s G-Architecture is ideal for supporting emerging standards like DisplayPort, HDMI, USB3.1, and others.

Digital IPs

MosChip has more than 30+ IP designs in its product set. We provide design verification IP’s and validation services ranging from analog, mixed-signal, ASIC, SoC, digital logic and custom IP. We use advanced verification methods for projects as per client’s process.