Asset Monitoring Solution

With IoT, businesses are looking forward towards solutions which shall give them visibility into their heavy assets in terms of their utilization, operational efficiency, and health. Any unavailability, theft, damage or breakdown maintenance of the assets affects the bottom line of the business and increases the operational cost and reduces the ROI. If your business directly relies on the equipment in running condition, you need a solution that helps you to remotely locate, monitor and control the equipment to make sure that it is operating at the right place by the right operator at the right location.

MosChip’s Asset Monitoring IoT solutions (GeoHEMS) help businesses to monitor and control their equipment 24*7 via a single dashboard using the internet.

Mobile Asset Monitoring Solutions

MosChip’s Mobile Equipment Monitoring Solution helps businesses manage all their heavy equipment from various sites on a single dashboard. Our heavy equipment GPS tracking solutions can track any equipment from bulldozers to excavators and more. Our heavy equipment GPS trackers allow you to see how company assets are being utilized.

Stationary Asset Monitoring Solutions

MosChip’s Stationery Asset Monitoring Solution helps businesses manage their fixed assets like DG sets, ACs, lights, chairs, electronic items, etc. MosChip helps businesses manage and keep a track of these assets from anywhere 24 by 7 using a single dashboard. In case of any theft or uncertainty, an alarm is raised and a notification is sent to the concerned department.