MosChip provides compressive services for any semiconductor services, from specification to a working silicon.  From increasing complexity of Digital and Mixed/Signal SoC’s to ensure faster time-to-market, MosChip Deals with all. MosChip also provides FPGA design & development.

Our turnkey solutions have enabled us to execute every complex projects in networking, consumer devices, smartphones, automotive, multimedia, servers, aerospace, automated test equipment & tool validation. Over the past decade, MosChip have gained products and technology diversity, complexities, time-to-market expectations and a balance between global and local market needs.

With over 400+ Clients Moschip has also put its footprint in the field of IoT, Cloud and Connected Devices domain. Driven by a positive outlook, Moschip is moving to more flexible, agile models.

Our approach has helped them evolve & expand. MosChip’s alliance with GLOBAL UNICHIP CORP.(GUC) a flexible ASIC leader from TM in Taiwan has elaborated it with combination of advanced technology, low power and embedded CPU design capabilities and production knowhow through close partnership with TSMC and major packaging and testing companies that are ideal for advanced communications, computing and consumer electronics ASIC applications.