Semiconductor Design Partners

With 20+ years of experience, MosChip is one of the leading Semiconductor Design Service Partner.

From RTL to Silicon. Technology Simplified.

MosChip being a pioneer in the field of semiconductor, is also the first public sector listed company of its kind, in India. MosChip excels in semiconductor device design, production, bringing in innovation & technological advancement.

With more than a decade of experience, in product development and semiconductor service, MosChip masters the science behind ASIC/SoC/FPGA RTL design; verification; synthesis; STA; Physical design; SW/FW development, PCB Board design; testing; silicon brings up; protocol validation; certification, etc.

MosChip offers a spectrum of design, verification, and mixed-signal IP services, which includes, RTL coding, synthesis, developing custom and standard IPs, and verification environment development using both traditional and advanced techniques.

Our ace team of engineers and consultants are skilled across a wide range of the most powerful modern tools, technologies, and methods. We are experienced professionals in making best practices fit into existing flow and with a track record of several first-pass silicon successes.

Our Expertise

  • Designed, developed, and sold approximately eight million connectivity (PCI, USB, PCIe) chips
  • Designed and developed 20+ different products in connectivity and shipped more than 10 million chips to customers, including Toshiba, Hitachi, Sony, IBM, and Volvo
  • Developed SoCs for networking and storage domains
  • Complete product development and life cycle management and solutions
  • Single point of accountability for system design and development (hardware and embedded so­ftware) QA/testing and maintenance
  • Early adopters of advanced ASIC verification methodologies like VMM, OVM, and UVM bringing about reusability and scalability
  • Track record of right-first-time silicon of 100+ tape-outs
  • Trusted verification eyes to develop your standards, protocols, and test infrastructures
  • Developed and integrated numerous verification IPs
  • Pioneered and deployed numerous traditional and advanced Digital, MS, and LP methodologies


  • Certified design partners with Mentor Graphics
  • Cadence verification alliance partner
  • Certified design services partner with ARM – DS5 and DSTREAM
  • Design partners with Global Foundries
  • Altera Consultant Alliance Program (ACAP) and Synplicity FPGA Synthesis
  • Xilinx ISE for FPGA validation
  • Verilog, System Verilog, and VHDL
  • Shell, PERL, PYTHON, and TCL

Semiconductor IP

MosChip offers a vast and diverse portfolio of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) blocks to support the design & verification needs of customers. With both in-house design & verification IPs available, MosChip enables customer designs to be brought quickly to market.

Turn-key ASIC

MosChip started its journey in 1999 as a product company and shipped millions of products for connectivity applications as well as SOCs that are used in various applications. MosChip’s focus is on Mixed Signal and Edge Device SoC ASIC solutions.

Semiconductor Design Services

MosChip provides/offers RTL design, design verification, physical design and analog layout services. With proven flows and methodologies and with the expertise on leading EDA tools, MosChip provides/offers expert RTL to GDSII services.