The Global Leader in Product Development

Established in 1999, MosChip is the First Fabless Semiconductor company publicly traded in India with approx.20 years of experience. MosChip is a semiconductor and system design company with a focus on Turnkey ASICs, Mixed Signal IP, Semiconductor & Product Engineering and IoT solutions catering to Aerospace & Defence, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Medical and Networking & Telecommunications.

We have established ourselves as a preferred partner for technology and excellence. At MosChip, we strive to provide unparalleled service and support to our clients with on-time delivery being our strength and commitment. We aim to offer a unique combination of services and solutions giving them an advantage over competitors in their industry by aligning ourselves to the vision of our clients.

Our client-driven approach focuses on all facets of the product development process, including not only the technology but also time-to-market and returns on investment (ROI).

Supported by a focused team of engineering, technology, and domain experts, MosChip has embarked on a journey with a difference – to be a partner in growth.

Our Vision – Expanding Possibilities

We are your partner throughout the entire product development cycle, designing and building comprehensive and best in class solutions on-time to achieve your business and operational goals, and keep you at the forefront of the ever-changing competitive market.

We aim to be recognized as global experts who not only use our expertise to solve our clients’ complex problems but also leverage solutions with the promise of a seamless interface between humans and technology.

Our Solutions

Our experience has given us a clear objective – to be a business focused partner to our clients and offer a unique combination of services and solutions which will give them an advantage in the industry. Supported by a focused team of domain experts, we have expertise in ASIC design and verification, embedded solutions, product and systems engineering, and IoT solutions.


MosChip offers turnkey analog, digital and mixed-signal ASIC and IP design services. With an overall unparalleled tape out expertise on more than 200 multi-million gate ASICs with stringent power and speed requirements, taping out designs in all leading foundries in process nodes all the way from 500nm to 7nm, and with time tested and proven methodologies/flows using leading EDA tools, MosChip has emerged a leading semiconductor design services house providing expert Spec to GDSII services for customers globally. MosChip has been building its own digital IP and analog IP over the years. MosChip has expertise in Serdes designs and its 6G and 10G Serdes designs are production ready.


MosChip provides Electronic Design Services for Networking, High Speed and High Capacity Storage, Computing, Semiconductor, Defence, Aerospace, Industrial, and Wireless domains. With an end-to-end solution approach and expertise in backend infrastructure, MosChip brings several years of experience in developing embedded platform solutions for Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal, and Power Electronics domains.

Internet of things

MosChip has vast experience in developing M2M and IoT and has delivered end-to-end solutions in record time. Whether it was industrial applications, building/home automation, wearable medical devices, asset monitoring solutions or lighting controls. MosChip has delivered these solutions by taking complete responsibility for hardware design, embedded software development, cloud and smartphone applications.

Leadership Team

Our leaders are experienced, innovative, and passionate about bringing change in the world with the latest technology & innovations.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors brings rich expertise & decades of industry experience to shape the company’s growth.

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