Smart Lighting Solution

Cities, public organizations, and industries around the world are joining the Smart City Initiative. One of the important components of Smart City is “Connected LIGHTING”. Cities, municipal corporations around the world are adopting the Connected lighting solution by replacing their old street light infrastructure with the Internet of Things based lighting which brings more efficiency in energy consumption and operational issues.

MosChip’s Smart Street Lighting solution gives cities and municipalities the capability to remotely monitor & control the street lights in a much effective way. Our Smart Street Lighting Solution CCMS (Centralized Control and Monitoring System) has primarily two components

1. 2.5G/4G/Low Power Wireless field device which controls lights, measures energy consumption
2. Cloud Application which centrally monitors all the street lights.

CCMS is the product, designed indigenously by us for Street Lighting Projects in India to control lighting schedule, monitor energy consumption and faults. With CCMS, the street lights can be scheduled according to the time of the day or as per predefined lighting requirements. Our smart street lighting solution can be used for highways, urban/rural streets, sports arenas, buildings, parks, and industries to monitor and control the lighting system from anywhere.

Our Solution Capabilities

On/Off Control

Dimming Control

Fault Detection

Energy Measurement

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