Greenlight solution - Smart Street Lighting Solution

Cities, public organizations, and industries around the world are joining the Smart City Initiative. One of the important components of Smart City is “SMART STREET LIGHTING”. Cities, municipal corporations around the world are adopting the Smart Street lighting solution by replacing their old street light infrastructure which includes CFL with the LED lights connected to the Internet of Things.

MosChip’s Smart Street Lighting solution gives the cities and municipalities the capability to remotely monitor & control the street lights in a much efficient way. Our Smart Street Lighting Solution has internet connectivity to upload the data collected from various poles/areas on to a cloud application, to enable remote monitoring. The operators can access the data from a single dashboard using a smartphone or a desktop. With our solution, the street lights can be scheduled according to the time of the day or as per the operations.

Solution Capabilities:

MosChip’s Smart Lighting Solution enables you to:

Smart street lighting

Value Proposition We Deliver

The overall objective of MosChip’s Smart Street Lighting is:

  • To improve the electrical distribution network of street light infrastructure
  • To improve the illumination level on the roads and improve compliance with commonly accepted standards for street lighting
  • Reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficient retrofits
  • Modernization/augmentation of metering, monitoring and control system to ensure successful design and implementation of large-scale municipal street lighting energy efficiency
  • Ensure efficient operation and maintenance of street lighting services

Benefits of Smart Lighting Solution

  • Remote Monitoring

MosChip’s Smart Street Lighting Solution allows the user to monitor the street lights & control light output from anywhere. The user can remotely switch ON/OFF the lights, schedule the lights and detect faults via an intuitive dashboard from anywhere.

  • Reduce Maintenance Cost

Our Smart Lighting Solution helps the cities, reduce the maintenance cost and promotes accurate maintenance. In case of any faults/failures the technician/operator will get an alert via SMS/Email.

  • Real-time Tracking

Our Smart Lighting Solution provides real time update of the lighting network status and faults on the operator screens. Get real time asset location with our digital maps integration.

  • Reduce CO2 Emissions

Our Smart Lighting Solution helps reduce CO2 emissions that is generated by the traditional street lights. The existing CFL are replaced by LED in MosChip’s Smart Lighting Solution.

  • Real-time Data & reports

Our intuitive dashboard provides data on electrical parameters like KWH, KVA, KVAR, PF, V, I phase wise helping cities make better & informed decisions.

  • Reduce Power Consumption

Our Smart Lighting Solution helps cities save up to 35% of the energy cost with automated dimming, scheduling, ON/OFF and real time reports.

Smart Street Lighting Solution

MosChip’s Smart Street Lighting Solution uses a CCMS (Centralized Control and Monitoring System) is a GSM/GPRS/RF-based product, designed specifically for Street Lighting Projects to ensure optimal on-field product performance including remote and automated control capabilities. This product is a must-have tool for Smart Cities. The use of CCMS is intended to control and monitor various performance parameters of led street lights.

Feeder Level Automation Solution

Our feeder level automation solution for Smart Street Lighting is recommended for the area where the lighting load is separated. It enables automatic group-based monitoring and control of the lighting load in an area.


Premium Solution - Individual Pole Automation

Our advanced Solution for Street Lighting works in 4 easy steps:

  • Interface WiART-LC with luminaire
    • Retrofit – Street lighting controller
    • Integrated – WiART interfaced with the driver
  • Forms a wireless mesh network
    • Self-forming, self-healing, 128-bit AES encryption
  • Connect to internet
    • Add data concentrator with backbone of – GPRS / 3G / 4G / WiMAX
  • Add remote control via cloud / local control
    • Lighting management server software

Solution Highlights

  • Retrofit solution, no separate wiring required, can be installed in the existing electrical system.
  • Saves wiring cost – feeder and overhead cabling cost.
  • Two-way control of every individual light – On / OFF / DIM / faulty light detection.
  • Metering of every individual streetlight based on usage.
  • One DCU can support 200 streetlights – lower recurring cost of GPRS.
  • Mesh network enables coverage in kilometers.
  • Secured communication – 128-bit AES encryption.
  • Over the air configuration and firmware upgrade.
  • Modular, scalable lighting management platform.
  • Ease of deployment and maintenance.