Heavy Equipment Monitoring

Heavy Equipment monitoring solution is planned and designed in such a manner that it helps in increasing the productivity and at the same time also stop unauthorised use of any sought of heavy equipment or machineries. Machines like earth moving equipment or mobile RMC and hydraulic impact hammer etc. can be easily monitored from remorte locations also.

The benefits for Heavy Equipment Monitoring Solutions can be listed as:

  • diesel consumption Monitoring,
  • authorized operation assurance monitoring
  • Instant notifications via SMS and emails
  • Provide reminders and hence assist in timely completion of regulatory / government documentation


Diesel generators have become a very important and vital part of any industry and also domestic uses these days. For any business, back up is very important. And what is better than Diesel Generator. But there are lots of problem that comes down when you are using them. And to ensure that you have a keen vigilance of the usage of your diesel generator usage, MosChip brings you the perfect solution to all the usage with Diesel Generator Monitoring.

With GeoHEMS, as many as users can monitor Diesel generators. This can be also so be done remotely. GeoHEMS’ M2M (machine to machine) 24/7 monitoring solution gives an increased assurance in the reliability of your generators by eliminating 95% of all Shutdown / Fail-to-Start situations. MosChips cost-effective controllers connect to major brands of generators and are also Modbus compatible for access to any diagnostic information directly from the generator.


With Moschips GeoHEM Excavator monitor, now it is possible for you to monitor your excavator form anywhere in the world. Now, even if you are not in onsite, you can easily monitor your machines. With MosChip’s HEM get remote access to your machine at any given point of time. Control and tract its utilization.

There are number of reasons to choose Moschips GeoHEM Excavator monitor. Some of the reasons are listed below.

  • With this you would now be able to track the exact location of excavator at any time using digital maps
  • You will also get to know exactly how much you are spending on fuel. This is done by having a detailed analysis of fuel used, fuel filled and fuel removed.
  • You also get to have instant notifications in case of any of the geofences are violated. This helps in stopping potential thefts.
  • You can also now, compare the fuel consumption with RPM data and ensure that the excavators are operated as desired standards!


GeoHEMS is one of the remote monitoring solution that helps you to monitor forklifts using a proven technology. GeoHEMS a remote monitoring solution helps to monitor excavators using a proven technology. We have tested this solution on Kobelco, Hyundai, Tata-Hitachi, L&T, Komatsu and other makes. We use highly accurate fuel sensors and to give you up to 98% accuracy! Remote fuel monitoring is done with the help of GPRS technology, which is used for transferring data to the remote servers.

The benefits can be pointed as:

  • Know the free hours of operations & also find out exact hours of work.
  • Know if your excavators are being optimally used and not overused or underutilized. Now know the exact hours and time of operation.
  • Immobilize the excavators at times when they are not supposed to be used!
  • Ensure minimum down time, by using GeoHEMS’s preventive maintenance feature. Keep the hetitleh of excavator up-to-the-mark and always ensure high performance.

wheel loader

With MosChips GeoHEMS you can now monitor your wheel loader wherever it is! You can also have the total control of your wheel loaders with remote monitoring. Instantaneous alerts would additionally help you in reducing down times and also give accurate data, which will help you to analyze and also determine performance and abuse of wheel loaders.

  • Know the exact location of wheel loader at any time using digital maps
  • Know the exact money spend on fuel .
  • having detailed analysis of fuel used,
  • Get instant notifications in case of geofences are violated.
  • Using local LCD controller for indicating alarms to operators
  • Know if your wheel loaders are being optimally used and not overused or underutilized. Now know the exact hours and time of operation