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  1. Hello Moschip Team
    Not getting what is the ROLE on all upcoming technologies. IOT, Security etc, Would be more interested in knowing how moschip is aligning its growth along with industry growth, industry in which it is saying pioneer since last 20 years.

    It’s difficult to digest despite of having 20 Years of core Industry experience , moschip is still struggling.

    Would like to hear more story about Moschip Itself, It’s growth Story, Future Plan.
    This is the best era in which moschip can boom like anything…..everyone is talking about chip, without chip nothing is possible. all new innovation is dependent on chip.

    If Moschip Misses this opportunity don’t think can grow in future. Would like to see their foot print in this domain

    1. Really Apprecite your concern towards MosChip but, we differ to your point that MosChip is still struggling. The recent financial data & product news shold clarify this, but if you are particularly asking about IoT, there even MosChip is doing good & on the way to make it great. This space is for articles, so we can’t share the press & news here.
      Please visit Press & News section from the top bar.

      Thank you for your valuable inputs & we hope you will see what you expect near soon!

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