Transport & Logistic

The IoT is bringing a revaluation and a myriad of improvements in every sector of the industry. Among the lot, two sector, i.e. Transport and Logistic is seeing a lot of advantages. It has been always a difficult task for the companies to keep an eye on every movement of the fleet, but with this M2M technology, real-time visualization of the transport fleet & operations, along with actionable insight & analysis, has made critical decision much easier.

MosChip helps you by rendering connected devices that can capture, share and manage data while you truck is on the move. This connectivity also enables ecompanies to communicate with their drivers at any given point of time allowing them to be proactive with in-field repairs. With real-time updates on certain conditions it is always easier for anyone to monitor the transportation and safe guard them from any unwanted event.

MosChip with its expertise in IoT and connected devices has developed various M2M solutions. We provide M2M solutions for industrial controls, heavy equipment monitoring, smart metering and complete solutions for fleet management.

Our M2M/IoT ecosystem offers:

  • Remote monitoring of fleets i.e. cabs, trucks, heavy equipment etc.
  • Machine connectivity & data
  • Battery operated wireless modules
  • Cloud servers for data collection, storage.
  • Data mining and analytical reporting
  • Smartphone connectivity to get real time updates via SMS or email
  • Connectivity with Video Cameras
  • Smart Traffic & Parking Management System
  • Interactive Driver console
  • Android Connected Cards