Staff Augmentation & ODC

Resource Augmentation (RA):

Resource Augmentation deals with the problem of client’s project teams. Generally, the one who were having insufficient resources or lack of specialist knowledge. Engineers from MosChip are placed at a client location under the direction and supervision of client managers. MosChip’s pool of resources is always ready to augment resource needs with specific knowledge as per client’s requirements.

Offshore Development Centre (ODC):

Offshore Development Centre (ODC) is an extension of the Resource Augmentation work with MosChip engineers. Here the resource generally is working from our design centres located in Bangalore or Hyderabad.

MosChip has given ownership for a” substantial” block of work, with a clear set of objectives and certain autonomy in resourcing, planning, and execution of the project. ODC engagement model offers a range of services which includes a well-established team from MosChip with support from our flow and methodology team on technical know-how, hardware facilities, fully equipped design centre and flexible resourcing.

With ODC type engagement model MosChip can take full responsibility developing Design and Verification Infrastructure for client’s current and future product roadmaps.

Turnkey Engagements:

Turnkey engagements are basically the extension of ODCs, where resources are given a full ownership for delivering part/full design and development of IPs/Designs on more of fixed Price model.

MosChip has given an ownership for a ”full” block of work, with a clear set of objectives and complete autonomy in resourcing, planning, and execution of the project.  Project management is done by MosChip with reporting progress to the client on weekly or request basis.

The benefits of Turnkey engagements are

  • Minimal involvement from client side – allows client resources to focus on the internal projects.
  • Access to MosChip’s Methodology, System and SoC knowledge.
  • Builds up expertise within MosChip on Client’s IPs, Projects, and Applications. Get the benefit of “retained knowledge” on follow-up designs – further improves productivity.
  • Provides a “ready-made” high-quality engineering team as and when required.