Embedded Software

MosChip has extensive experience in all aspects of software development, including firmware, device drivers, test and debug routines, and embedded systems software.

Moship has expertise in developing software for multiple Operating System environments, including Windows (Win2K, XP, Vista and Win7.0) WinCE (6.0, 5.0 and 4.2), Linux, Android and MAC OS 10.5/10.4 platforms). Core competencies include the development and porting of device driver software and applications for desktop systems, SDK development for numerous operating systems (OS), abstraction layer, and cross platform applications.

In the video market, core competencies include video encoding and decoding supporting multi format video compression (e.g. H.264, MPEG 4 and 2) and block based motion compensation.Moschip Off Shore Design Center

Embedded Software/Firmware

 Key Focus Areas

  • Board Support Packages
  • Device Driver Development
  • Multimedia (Audio, Video)
  • Connectivity
    −USB, BT, Ethernet, WLAN, PCIe, UART, Bluetooth, ZigBee, GPS etc.
  • Memory Devices
    −NAND, NOR, eSD/eMMC, QSPI SDIO based devices

 Reference Platform Development

  • ASSP SW Development
  • Base Porting
  • Boot loaders
  • OS/ Kernel Bring up, Porting
  • Hardware Diagnostic Applications
  • Multi-Media Framework Dev & Porting
  • UI Development
  • IP Customization

 Device Driver Dev, Porting, Integration

  • DMA, I2C, I2S, McBSP
  • UART (HS/FS)
  • eMMC, SDIO
  • Touch Screen, LCD/LVDS

Audio & Video

  • PCM Drivers
  • Audio Controllers – AC97, I2S etc.,
  • Display / Video Controllers
  • H.264, MPEG4
  • MP3, AAC, SBC , AMR
  • OpenMAX IL 1.1
  • gStreamer
  • ALSA Audio Stack

 OS Expertise

  • Linux
  • RT Linux
  • VxWorks
  • Android
  • Windows
  • WinCE
  • Proprietary OS

 SoCs / DSPs

  • ARM
  • Samsung
  • TI
  • Qualcomm
  • Freescale