Hardware Design & Development

MosChip provides design and development services on the range of embedded platforms, based on Microprocessors, Digital signal processors, FPGA and associated peripherals.

Our client base that made use of our embedded hardware design and development services spans across Medical electronics, Automotive, Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, Communications, Industrial Automation, Specialized Computing, Defence and others.

Modern electronics device design has evolved significantly with ever shrinking components, growing processing power and high level of integration. And developing such devices is a multi-stage process, to name a few – understanding the requirements, planning the hardware, identifying the right components, capturing it as schematics, developing the PCB, Gerber Generation, PCB fabrication, component assembly and finally board bring up.

We undertake hardware-development based on:

  • Free scale PowerQUICC Communications Processors, AMCC Power PC Processors, Xilinx FPGA (Virtex, Spartan, Artix Series), Analog & Texas DSP Processors, Renesas & Microchip Microcontroller.
  • Memory: Synchronous & Asynchronous Memories.
  • Communication Interfaces: UART, SPI, I2C, CAN, Ethernet, USB, MIL1553, ARINC429, Rapid I/O, Rocket I/O, Optical.
  • Mixed Signal Design: ADC, DAC.
  • Form Factor: VME, PCI, cPCI, VPX & Customer Defined
  • Hands on experience with Orcad, PADS PCB & Cadence Tools.
  • Strong Experience in Environmental Test Procedure & Mechanical Structural Design.