Foundry Relations

Semiconductor foundry services design and manufacture semiconductor chips, in prototype to production quantities. MosChip produce silicon wafers for analog devices, application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC), high voltage components, logic gates, microprocessors, or computer memory. Others fabricate chips and wafers for oscillators, transistor-oscillators (TO), passive components, power electronics, sensors, or micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS). MosChip manufacture semiconductors for a variety of market segments, including: aerospace, biotechnology, computers, telecommunications, and transportation. Chip manufacture for imaging or vision systems and wireless, radio frequency (RF) and microwave devices is also available.

Through the technology and services, we provide, together with our customers, we are contributing to the realization of the coming smart society. Through our excellent technology and our support, we realize products that support a smart society.

Moschip is having strong relations with major foundries like TSMC, Global Foundries, UMC, etc. along with Packaging/Testing houses like ISE Labs.

We can cater GDSII to Samples to Tested Samples per customer requirements.