MosChip being a pioneer in the field of semiconductor, is also the first public sector listed company of its kind, in India. MosChip excels in semiconductor device production, bringing in innovation & technological advancement.

With more than a decade experience, in product development and semiconductor service, MosChip masters the science behind ASIC/SoC/FPGA design; verification; synthesis; STA; Physical design; SW/FW development, PCB Board design; testing; silicon brings up; protocol validation; certification etc.

ASIC/Soc Design


MosChip offers complete SoC design & development for ASIC and for structured ASIC. Any steps, right from the conception up to the manufacturing is done by us. Apart from that any other services related to the same, can be customised according to the customers need and want.

ASIC/SoC Verification

Over the past few years, MosChip has emerged as one of the leading ASIC/SoC verification. MosChip holds the capabilities in IP verification and are also the early adopters of VMM; OVM & UVM. Apart from all these MosChip is also expert in verification flow that includes RTL; gate level and low power verification. MosChip, up till now has successfully verified 20+ ASIC’s and embedded processor (ARM) based SOCs.

ASIC-Soc Verification

QA & Testing Services


Quality Assurance (QA) has been there for generations now; and testing is typically based on business and functional requirement. This process is simply done to identify, technical defects early. In the process defects data is not provided effectively due to lack of inbuilt data feedback loop. Here comes in MosChip with it is solution or predictive analytics, QA and testing Services.

Foundry Relations

MosChip is the largest pure play foundry in India; since its inception. MosChip is currently having a strong relation with major foundries like TSMC; Global foundries; UMC etc. Along with packaging/ testing houses like ISE labs. We also cater GDSII to samples to tested samples as per the customer requirement.