Mobile Application Development

There are various objects or that are connected to the internet every day. This is growing at a rapid rate. Here when we say objects, it can be anything such as phone, refrigerator anything which comes to you mind. The relationship will be always between people-people, people-things (objects) & things (objects)-things (objects).

The devices which are connect to the internet using various modes of communication like WiFi, Bluetooth, iBeacon, Zigbee Wireless, NFC. Basically, mobile phones are used as a medium bywhich the devices communicate with the internet. Further, the data which are collected by these devices can be accessed from anywhere. And the devices can also be controlled from anywhere using web browser or mobile phones.

Technologies Used

  • Communication NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,  GPS, GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G
  • Secure communication Cryptography – DES, RSA, MD5, AES, Digital signatures – DSA / RSA
  • Sensor integration Gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer
  • Core development Non-blocking IO, MVC architecture
  • Web services integration HTTP, SOAP, REST, JSON
  • Database SQLite, Embedded SQL server


Android: Android developers with good experience are in deployment of Android Apps at MosChip. So far, we have developed and deployed dozens of business & enterprise Android apps for our customers, globally. We have also developed application in wearables, logistics, medical electronics, energy monitoring, industrial / home automation, connected cars, productivity monitoring, social networking etc.

Key development offerings

  • Native applications
  • Cross platform developments
  • Operating system porting / driver development services
  • Attractive user experience
  • Key frameworks / libraries

iOS:  We at MosChip have a strong, versatile and dedicated iOS development team to bring your ideas to fruition. Our strengths include:

  • Providing ‘integrated solutions’ for various business needs.
  • Providing ‘standalone applications’ for already existing solutions / products.
  • Quick ‘Proof of Concepts’ to get rid of the RFP process that helps in quick decision making and also reduced time to market.

Key offerings:

  • Rich and intuitive user interface using core animation and Quartz 2D framework
  • Application development using standard and custom UI libraries
  • User interface design using considering
    • End user: Demography, age and culture
    • User touch points: Screen size, single multi-touch
  • Multithreaded and operation queue based application for interactive user experience
  • Integration of push notifications
  • In-App purchase

Technical competencies

  • Core development
    • Extensive knowledge of iOS SDK, Objective C and Xcode
    • Custom application and widgets development
    • Intuitive user interface with 2D /3D animation / graphics support
  • Integration / porting / migration
    • iPhone to iPad
    • Android / Symbian to iOS
    • Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter
    • Various other 3rd party web services / SOAP / XML
  • Effective use of persistent data with SQLite and core data