Embedded Product Development

At MosChip, our product development capabilities comprise of hardware design, middleware firmware, user interface and experience, embedded applications and mechanical design services. Equipped with extensive expertise & experience, MosChip have a strong understanding of the product development life cycle. Right from proof of concept, Moschip makes every step a perfect finish.

Embedded Hardware Design

Embedded Hardware Design and Development is a major part of product development. Our proficiency in hardware design encompasses from concept to realization. This includes the design and development of multilayer PCB (up to 24 layers) and FPGA-based hardware. By ascendancy partners in the ecosystem, we render prototyping and testing, E-CAD, certification failure analysis and manufacturing. We also deliver hardware products globally across industries.

Design Services

  • High-speed and multi-layer boards
  • FPGA applications
  • Portable / handheld
  • Power supply / battery
  • Antenna & RF frontend
  • Instrumentation
  • Multimedia (audio / video)
  • Networking
  • EMC / EMI
  • DFT
  • DFM
  • Certifications and compliance

BSP Development

At MosChip, we maintain a huge knowledge base, and our engineers constantly looking forward to best practices with one another. At Moschip we create custom BSPs & drivers. Our experts can analyze any custom hardware and create the software package that is needed to optimize both development process and behaviour of deployed device.

A completed BSP initializes the target system hardware & provides function calls. These enable higher layers of software to communicate with low-level system components. Further, errors made at this critical level get quickly compounded throughout the system.

Design expertise

  • Operating system porting
  • Device driver
  • Boot loaders
  • Power management
  • Remote network upgrade
  • Remote diagnostics
  • GUI library
  • POST (power on systems tests)
  • File systems
  • USB stacks

Embedded applications

With the emergence of smartphones & consumer applications, the demand of embedded system has increased significantly. At MosChip, our experts work in the development of interfaces & applications meeting the current requirements, in terms of reliability and performance (UI, UX and HMI application).


  • UI development: Android, iPhone, QT, Windows CE, firmware based graphical UI framework
  • Protocols: BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks,CANbus
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, NFC, RF, GPS, RFID, Power line communication (PLC), ZigBee