MosChip is a Semiconductor Product Design Services Company with 16+ years of successful track record. With a unique combination of product development expertise and deep knowledge of competencies ranging from Chip Design to Systems Development, MosChip assists its clients in developing their next generation flagship product lines.

Our holistic view in the various verticals of the industries and its needs, and our ability to meet them, has endowed us with lasting trust from our clients- a commitment of excellence built on a foundation of confidence.



MOSCHIP is the only semiconductor service company in India, with extensive product development experience in markets such as aerospace and defense, consumer electronics,  audio and video, networking, telecommunications, mobile electronics  and security. MosChip has been a pioneer in the manufacturing Semiconductors with constant innovations, technological advancements and vision oriented thought leadership.

With a large pool of engineers segmented into teams with multiple engineering disciplines, MOSCHIP can deliver ASIC, firmware, drivers, boards, and platform solutions.


Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the business landscape, which is creating opportunities for greater efficiencies, smarter interactions with customers & great sources of revenue. MosChip provides products and services to enterprises on the right IoT solutions to reap the benefits of Machine-to-Machine/IoT technology. We work with product and platform companies on enhancing the products in the M2M ecosystem and provide a smart, secure and connected experience for enterprises.




MosChip offers a vast and diverse portfolio of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) blocks to support the design & verification needs of customers. With both in-house and leading third-party IP available, MosChip enables customer designs to be brought quickly to market.  MosChip has 30+ ASIC Design & Verification IP’s in its Portfolio.


MosChip with its several years of hands-on experience ATE, Embedded Systems & Software has lead and setup a good technical & management team, serving the needs of our clients. MosChip strives hard and achieve the customer’s quality level of acceptance with consistent and proven standards in providing engineering Hardware/software solutions for the utmost satisfaction of the customer.

MosChip has worked with businesses to integrate product planning at the forefront. Our designers, researchers, and management talent helps businesses to plan their investments that looks ahead.




MosChip’s staff augmentation facilities helps any organization to enhance their business and market by boosting the quality of your applications through efficient training & employee skill development.

Here at MosChip, we perform proper alignment of staff for performing desired tasks in efficient manner. We understand an organization staffing needs for skilled & highly trained and plan accordingly. Also, MosChip manages unplanned revenues, retain Intellectual property, process quality along with faster speed to market.