Turn-key ASIC

MosChip started its journey in 1999 as a product company and shipped millions of products for connectivity applications as well as SOCs that are used in various defense and aerospace applications.

MosChip’s value proposition:

  • IP – MosChip provides complete custom silicon solutions using in-house digital/ mixed-signal IP along with 3rd party IP vendors.
  • Semiconductor Platform Solutions – MosChip’s silicon-proven platform solutions create a strong foundation to provide custom semiconductor solutions in the areas of data converters, SOCs for STB, smart metering, handheld devices and various IoT applications.
  • ASIC Design – MosChip’s SOC team brings in the capabilities to provide design services from specification to GDSII along with FPGA prototyping.
  • Supply Chain – MosChip has strong relationships with leading foundries like TSMC, Global Foundries, Tower-Jazz along with OSAT vendors.


MosChip brings in silicon-proven IP that gives a huge advantage and reduces risk to the customers looking for custom silicon solutions. Our IP portfolio includes:

  • High-speed serial interfaces running up to 10Gbp that is proven in silicon
  • SerDes for 16GBps ready for test silicon
  • Silicon proven data converters (ADC/ DACs) and ability to build customer-specific Data converters
  • Various silicon has proven digital blocks for interfaces
  • Our partnership with CEVA, UltraSOC and working relationship with ARM, Imagination, Wave computing, Cadence and Synopsys gives us access to their IPs that can be integrated with quick turn-around times

In addition to the silicon-proven IP, MosChip has a world-class mixed-signal design team distributed between Silicon Valley, USA and Visakhapatnam, India. Our team can put together complex IPs for data converters, serial links and power management with quick turn-around times.

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Semiconductor Platform Solutions

Data conversion– MosChip’s silicon-proven high-speed SerDes and digital blocks for controllers, PCS and Link Layers give us unique advantage to create custom silicon for Data Conversion applications.

Fig 1: Applications for Data/ Networking/ Satellite communications
Fig 2: Networking/ Data communications

SOC Platform solutions – MosChip’s production-proven SOC solutions become a good platform for SOCs for STB, smart metering and handheld applications. MosChip is currently shipping ASICs with the platform similar to the architecture given below.

Fig 4

IoT Platform solutions – MosChip has gained valuable experience in the IoT domain by deploying our IoT solutions in the areas of smart lighting for smart cities, asset tracking and monitoring for both industrial and mobile applications.

Fig 3

Our IoT architecture creates a strong platform for custom silicon solutions for industrial, medical, automobile and other IoT applications.

ASIC Design – MosChip’s ASIC design services have a proven track record of 20+ years in providing design services from specification to volume production.

Our expertise covers:

  • Architecture/ Micro-Architecture design
  • RTL design/ Verification
  • RTL2GDS2 (synthesis, DFT, Place & Route)

Our design flow is based on tools from our EDA partners Cadence, Mentor graphics & Synopsys and production proven with the leading foundries with the lower geometries. In addition, MosChip’s ability to do “FPGA proto-typing” greatly enhances our ability to deliver working silicon on the first pass.

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Semiconductor Supply Chain –MosChip has been working with leading foundries like TSMC, UMC, Global Foundries and Tower Jazz and has a working relationship for close to twenty years. Our partnership with ASE for volume production for packaging and testing and multiple partners for lower volumes with smaller vendors in the USA gives us the ability for quick turn- around times.