Security, Surveillance & Access Control

As challenges are getting advanced, the solutions to them are not very far. MosChip’s Security Solutions believes that there is a constant need to stay ahead and keep the pace. And this can be only done with the latest technology to meet growing needs. And thatn is one of the foremost reason why MosChip delivers its solution with the latest technology and also keeps up to the market standards.

With its never ending pioneering spirit being the major driving force, MosChip’s Security Solutions is at the helm of every known breakthrough in the country.

There are many various aspects to security and MosChip has expertise in almost every one of them.  Right from Physical security to residential areas, or commercial, Moschip has put its foot print to all of them. Security of assets (guarding against theft) is required in hospitals, malls, public places, or warehouses. Digital security is needed to ensure privacy of your data that is stored, transmitted, read, reported and so on.