Security Solutions

Security has become one of major concerns for organizations and residential areas alike. Security in itself has many aspects and can be applied to every aspect of situations and locations. MosChip leads the industry in providing the most apt and diverse security solutions. Be it the case of protection of assets as required in hospitals, malls, public places, or warehouses, or the need of Digital surveillance to ensure privacy of your mission- critical data.

MosChip provides an array of solutions to address all of the above and more.

Physical Security

Basic Model (Budget-friendly)

The basic model comprises of:

  • An Automatic perimeter surveillance which function on motion detection, PIR sensors (detects body heat), inertia sensors (detects physical contact), vibration sensors, and such others.
  • All data is collected in to the central electronic security system which sends alerts through SMS, e-mail, phone call and chat.
  • This model is easily scalable and can support up to 64 sensors in steps of 8.
  • It includes optional modules such as remote control operation, cell phone integration, pin-pad for password feed, smart cards, biometric (fingerprint or retina scan) scanner and so on, to provide you a full-proof secure environment.

Advanced Model (Enhanced feature set)

The advanced model comprises of:

  • An additional feature of recording cameras, which can capture video clips in case of an intrusion.
  • The advanced model can have up to 8 cameras in the pattern of 1, 2, 4 and 8.
  • The optional modules in this case, include, support for face recognition, Wi-Fi, 3G, USB support and other wireless connectivity features.

Security of Assets

Stationary Asset

This comprises of those assets which are kept in places where anyone can freely access them. This situation calls for a much precise security system.

  • These assets can be found in hospitals, kiosks and malls and include portable items such as wheel chairs, electronic goods like TV, laptops, sound system and other portable equipment of high value.
  • MosChip uses motion based and area reflective type sensors to measures the distance to the person or object and detects if the object is within the designated area.
  • Such devices keep a track of these assets and raise an alarm in case of any movement from their premises or authorized area.

Operational Assets

These assets are heavy-duty vehicles carrying valuable objects. It includes trucks carrying automobiles from factory to dealers, cash vans, vehicles transporting expensive consumer goods (say LCD TVs) to shops, petroleum tankers, etc.

  • These goods have a high economic value and thus need to be monitored in real time for theft, adulteration, and mishandling.
  • MosChip’s brings in real-time tracking solution to tackle such situations. It helps to track the movement of the vehicles, and generates video feed, SMS, call alarms and alerts in case the vehicle deviates from its pre-approved path (geo-fence).

Digital Security

MosChip guarantees digital security solutions protects your digital identities and data, exchanged over networks with people, organizations, and devices.

  • With expertise in use of digital certificates for encryption and signing to ensure privacy and authentication of the data, you can safeguard your digital environment with ease.
  • Our digital solutions can be accessed via desktop, mobile and embedded platforms.