Product & Systems Engineering

MosChip can provide a complete design solution, from architecture definition to all aspects of design, including analysis of critical design paths requiring an in-depth understanding of component characteristics, SoC development, power reduction considerations, PCB integration, and PCB form factor reduction. Both systems and software can be optimized for design flexibility and scalability. MosChip has designed a wide variety of system-level evaluation boards, many of which have become production products.

With an ever-increasing amount of functionality being built into silicon devices, including the demand for higher frequencies and greater throughput, pin-count and signal integrity have become paramount concerns for PCB designers. These design considerations, coupled with the requirement to operate at lower voltages with tighter tolerances than previous IC generations, presents some significant challenges for even the most experienced PCB designer. Over the years, MosChip has developed many board-level products that have successfully addressed complex issues such as:

• Critical design and optimization of analog and digital signal paths
• Low power and low voltage design optimization
• High-speed signal integrity and trace routing
• Form factor reduction
• Component area optimization
• Multiple other disciplines of systems design.

In addition to the design and layout considerations described above, MosChip has developed a robust Board Support Package (BSP) for development purposes, including board bring-up methodology, design validation and verification, and complete proprietary testing and validation suites for debug.

All of these elements together allow MosChip to be able to provide its clients with complete turnkey, next generation design solutions that have more functionality, higher performance, and can accommodate the thinner, sleeker and more portable solutions demanded by our clients.