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MosChip brings its expertise to the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA), the premier trade body representing the Indian Electronics System Design and Manufacturing industry (ESDM) 

Hyderabad, India – July 18, 2017  – MosChip, a complete product development company with expertise in chip design, systems design, and development for the Internet of things (IoT), and vision solutions, is pleased to be the platinum sponsor of the fourth edition of DEFTRONICS (http://deftronics.org/) hosted by the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA). The conference will be held August 31 – September 1, 2017 at the Park Hyatt in Hyderabad, India.

“MosChip welcomes DEFTRONICS to Hyderabad, the home of multiple defense labs”, said MosChip Chairman Ramachandra Reddy. “The earlier editions of DEFTRONICS were hosted by the city of Bengaluru, so we are excited the IESA has moved the summit to Hyderabad and we are proud to be the platinum sponsors of DEFTRONICS 2017”

DEFTRONICS 2017 is a two-day summit focusing on major programs and opportunities in Aerospace and Defense, Defense Manufacturing, Skilling and Capacity building in Defense and development of new technologies as well as focusing on the significance of internal security and cyber security and the scope of startups and SMEs in the industry.

“Events such as DEFTRONICS bring awareness to the growing Defense Manufacturing Industry in India” said MosChip CEO Damodar Rao Gummadapu. “IESA, by hosting such events, continues to advance the success of the Make in India initiative, launched by the Indian Government to increase the manufacturing and production of defense electronics equipment in India. MosChip is proud to promote and support the same initiative, working with the defense labs in India to produce the best-in-class technologies.”

As a preferred partner for leading aerospace and defense companies worldwide, MosChip works with a global engineering engagement model, delivering fast and fully optimized solutions. With an end-to-end approach, MosChip has exceeded the needs of customers in the Aerospace and Defense Industry with our methodologies and technology. We have a core focus on the accuracy and offer solutions with industry standard tools along with flexibility and reliability.

“We are proud to be associated with DEFTRONICS 2017 as the platinum sponsor to show industry experts and government officials how we are uniquely positioned with our extensive expertise in system design and development and our expertise in IoT solutions.” said Gummadapu.

MosChip received the Prestigious Award as the “Best Product Design Company in A&D” in the category of “Best Embedded Product Design and Services Company in A&D – India” at the 2016 DEFTRONICS Awards. This award applauds the outstanding contribution of MosChip in the Aerospace and Defense Electronics space.


In continuing with its efforts to grow the Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) industry, DEFTRONICS 2017 was incepted to boost the Aerospace and Defense sectors in Electronics. The Indian Aerospace and Defense Industry is one of the most lucrative industries and a booming market with an ocean of opportunities for manufacturing companies. India’s current requirements on defense are largely catered to by imports. 

For more information about DEFTRONICS, visit www.deftronics.org

About MosChip 

MosChip is a complete product development company with deep engineering expertise in Chip Design, Systems Design, Software Development for Internet of things (IoT), and Vision Solutions. MosChip has more than 16 years proven track record with a unique combination of product engineering skills, domain knowledge, and technology expertise in segments such as aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications, mobile electronics, and security. MosChip helps its customers reduce time-to-market for their products with its field proven IPs.

For more information about MosChip, visit www.moschip.com