Medical Devices

Health monitoring systems is evolving rapidly, which is having a potential to change the way health care is currently delivered. Smart health monitoring systems, now, automate patient monitoring tasks which improves the patient workflow management, their efficiency in clinical settings is still debatable.

MosChip is one the leading innovators in the field of Smart/Remote Monitoring. This is done with the adoption of technology trends like miniaturization, enhanced connectivity, portability and reliability.

M2M communication makes it possible to get connectivity options like Wi-Fi, NFC. This can be further linked to the cloud platform, on which captured data would be stored and analysed. Pharma companies are also take good initiatives which would bring a lot of difference in Smart health monitoring.

MosChip renders the following:

  • Expertise in electromechanical devices platform, right from “Spec-to-Silicon”
  • Electronics / Software / Mechanical / Industrial design and development
  • Device miniaturization, localization and re-engineering
  • Web, Cloud and Mobility enablement
  • UI/UX and data visualization
  • Health Monitoring systems design & prototyping
  • Medical imaging algorithm implementation on GPU and DSP platforms