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Moschip has been a pioneer in the field of Semiconductor / Systems / IoT engineering from SoC, Embedded Systems Design, Cloud and Mobile Software Development. With constant innovations, technological advancements and vision oriented leadership able to meet even the most complex hardware and software design challenges. Moschip assists its clients in developing their next generation flagship product lines with its cutting-edge technology solutions that are key and rare in the industry.

Our Profile

With more than 16 years of experience, MosChip is a public listed solution consulting company with cutting-edge technology expertise in semiconductor / systems / IoT engineering from SoC (Systems on Chip), Embedded Systems Design, Cloud and Mobile Software development catering to the Aerospace & Defence, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Telecommunications and Mobile industries.

Started by industry veterans who observed the need for the best consulting practices in semiconductor and other associate industries, today we have established ourselves as a preferred partner for technology and excellence. Our biggest strength is the extensive experience and intensive skills in all aspects of the semiconductor and IoT industry.

With our experience, we want to be a focused partner to our clients offering a unique combination of services and solutions, giving them an advantage over others in the industry by aligning our self to clients’ vision. Our customer driven approach focuses on all facets of the product development process, including not only technology, but also time-to-market and return on investment (ROI).

Supported by a focused team of engineering, technology and domain experts, MosChip has embarked on a journey with the difference- to be a partner in growth, in addition to focus on products and services.

Corporate Facts

  • First Public Semiconductor company in India
  • 12+ years of product development expertise
  • Designed, developed and sold approx. 8MN connectivity (PCI, USB, PCI e) chips.
  • Developed SOCs for Networking and storage domain
  • Complete product development and life cycle management/solution. Single point of accountability for (System Development) hardware, software, QA/testing & Sustenance Engineering.
  • Early adopters of advanced ASIC verification methodologies like VMM, OVM & UVM bringing about re-usability and scalability.

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