Smart Metering

MosChips smart metering solution is an end-to-end indigenous solution, to convert your existing meters into smart meters. All the data collected is uploaded to the cloud application and can be remote monitored to make informed business decisions, and to find consumption patterns.

MosChip's smart metering solution provides you with:

  • Accurate and reliable billing
  • Load survey / profiling helping in demand forecasting
  • Tamper / theft detection
  • Over-the-air firmware and configuration upgrade

Smart metering helps utilities to:

  • Reduce operating expenses by managing manual operations remotely
  • Improve forecasting and streamline power-consumption
  • Improve customer service through profiling and segmentation
  • Reduce energy theft
  • Simplify micro-generation monitoring and track renewable power

MonitorMyMeter - A single solution for all your smart metering needs

We convert your existing electricity meter into smart meter. Our wireless modules help transfer the data wirelessly. The module is integrated with any meter without changing the hardware & protocol of the meter. The data collection [procedure include Data Concentrator Units & hand Help Units, as per client’s needs.

Our smart metering solutions provide:

  • Integration with multiple meters that meet the global standards.
  • We extended our production capability to meter manufacturers, to help them product meters with wireless capabilities
  • Save field visit cost with our “Over-the Air” (OTA) firmware upgrade. Diagnose & upgrade all the hardware, wireless modules and data concentrators from a remote location.
  • Have 24/7 remote monitoring with our cloud application.

MosChip renders solutions for:

Water metering: With Moschip’s Real Time Smart water meter, now get your information about your apartments’ water meters, individual consumption, trends and billing status which is presented in a user friendly visual screen. The information, which you get from here that provides daily consumption in an interactive bar chart.

Saving water was never so easy!

MosChip’s sub-metering solutions helps you know the exact water consumption in each household in the society. This wireless module transfers data collected by the meter and gives you raw data to make the right decision.

The benefits of our sub-metering solution are:

  • No change in the current protocol or hardware
  • Data can be collected by third party hand held unit
  • Data collected consists of all parameters supported by meter
  • Mesh algorithm allows single DCU to collect data of them 300 meters wirelessly
  • Works for single source & dual source
  • Get event alerts on SMS or email
  • No maintenance cost associated.

Gas metering: MosChip’s pipeline monitoring helps you monitor your gas pipelines remotely using GPRS/ 3G/ Wi-Fi / Ethernet technology. A mesh network is deployed on the field along with repeaters. The data collected by MosChip’s solution helps you make informed business decision, control faulty stations, and save on operational cost.

Key benefits of MosChip’s Pipeline Monitoring are:

  • No additional wiring & maintenance cost
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Scalable & suitable for long length pipeline
  • Prevent recurring cost
  • Raw data to help you make informed business decisions
  • Customized solutions as per customer requirement.

Electricity Metering:  MosChips Smart metering solution, with its comprehensive capabilities, monitors hundreds of smart meters in real time to track the energy consumption & also report metering data to utilities.

Our solution also enables to conserve enormous energy and reduce OPEX and provide huge value to your customers and environment.