Sales Force Tracking

79% if the marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing or follow-ups is the common cause of this poor performance. Sales force (man power) tracking is one of the most important requirements across the globe. Having a sales force tracking solution is the need of the hour to curb the non-performing on-field employees.

MosChip’s sales force tracking solution is an easy to use Android/iPhone application. We do have an advanced solution which can track the movement of the employees on road i.e. the total distance travelled by the employee in a day.

Solution Overview:

  • Battery optimized smartphone based app for monitoring performance of the on-field staff
  • Cloud servers store data and presents reports to the managers of the visits made and time spent by their employees.
  • Geo-fencing facility increases the accuracy of tracking.

Sales force tracking solution helps you:

  • Monitor all the check-in / check-out to find time spent for a meeting / service call.
  • Know the exact location of your sales person at any given time.
  • Avoid misuse/personal usage of official vehicles
  • No additional hardware requirements
  • Track all the visits made authentically sitting in office
  • Track kilometers travelled and reimburse accordingly
  • Get reports on emails everyday
  • Integration with SAP / ERP / CRM systems
  • Customization to suit your business needs

Why do you need sales force monitoring?

  • Large FMCG & pharma companies have thousands of untracked field executives and more than 70% of the employees are from sales.
  • Finance & banking are the other sectors who have on-field sales people with more than 25% of employees are from on-field sales.
  • Automobile (heavy-equipment/generators) and electrical / electronic field engineers also can be monitored.