AMR/ AMI Solutions

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)/ Automated Meter Reading (AMR) are one of the most important components of the Smart Grid which enables two-way communication by interfacing remotely with the basic utility and deliver meter readings, which are done automatically. By rendering detailed information about all the consumption patterns, smart meters would also allow consumers to make good & informed decisions for any other alter usage and lower electricity bills.

AMR/ AMI Solutions allows utilities to have a better monitor in the the electric system through demand-side management & demand response which helps to peak loads, remote connect-disconnect option and prevention of outages.

MosChip’s design expertise & development services have also helped meter manufacturers by giving wireless AMR solution using to their existing mechanical meters. The design of RF boards is flexible which can further adapt to different meter requirements.

At MosChip we provide assistance to perform all form-factor cycle to fit the board in existing space of AMR enabled meters and customization of RF board firmware as per meter protocol and input type.

Type of AMR ready meters already integrated

  • Rotating partial metal dial.
  • Mechanical dial.
  • Digital pulse from meter.

Data collection

  • Walk by meter.
  • HHU based solution.
  • DCU based solution.
  • PLC based solution.
  • GPRS based solution.

Report generation

  • Enterprise application.
  • Export to USB drive with CSV, excel format.
  • SMS / e-mail for alerts or end of day reports.