Group Lighting Control (CCMS-GLC)

Our CCMS-GLC solution offers complete feeder panel for a group of street lights. Typically, a group of 30-50 lighting poles are connected to the feeder panel which is further connected to the internet using 2.5G/4G network. This solution enables automatic group-based monitoring and control of the lighting in an area.

Key Benefits of CCMS - GLC

  • The solution enables control of multiple street lights from a one or three phase feeders
  • The solution offers 2 electricity saving modes:
    • Time-based scheduling for ON/OFF control.
    • Astronomical clock supporting sunrise/sunset based scheduling for different seasons and locations
  • Schedule which can be monitored and changed via SMS or the internet.
  • Our smart street lighting solution triggers alerts via SMS/Email in case of any abnormalities like lamp failure, power failure, abnormal power usage etc.
  • The solution helps reduce electricity consumption by up to 30%, which results in less carbon footprint.
  • Gives access to detailed energy consumption reports helping our customers make better and informed decisions.
  • The solution can be tailored as per the requirements from design to delivery for the OEMs and system integrators.
  • The secure cloud-based application collects real-time data for further data analysis.
  • The solution supports a mobile application for user-friendly interface and instant alerts in case of abnormalities.
  • Users can access daily/monthly/weekly reports for phase-wise electricity consumption, ON/OFF audit reports and fault & error notification.

How does it works?

  • A single electronic control unit is installed at the feeder level for single or three phases.
  • Lights are operated as per the pre-defined schedule. The schedule can also be derived from the astronomical clock or light sensors.
  • Constant automatic monitoring to detect events like tamper, power loss, faulty lights, power theft generate alerts using SMS/email
  • The panel then continuously monitors to detect events like tamper, power loss, faulty lights, power theft, etc. and generates alerts sending SMS/email