Heavy Equipment Monitoring Solution

Heavy earth moving equipment’s like excavators, cranes, bulldozers are a huge investment for any business and it’s every owner’s concern to keep their equipment running at optimal capacity levels. If the equipment is left idle or overused, the maintenance cost of the equipment increases resulting in an increase in operational cost and reduced ROI.

MosChip’s telematics solutions empower users to increase operational efficiency and decrease the operating costs of their heavy equipment fleet

Solution Benefits

Remote monitoring
With our GeoHEMs solution, you can monitor your heavy equipment from anywhere and know which the operator is working on machinery, the actual working hours and break hours. Reduce the time & cost of sending the employees to the site for equipment monitoring with our remote monitoring solution.

Real-time tracking
With our GeoHEMs solution for earth moving equipment, know the exact location of your equipment using maps. Know if your equipment is being optimally used at designated location, distance traveled and exact hours of operation.

Improve performance
Monitoring is the first step towards tighter control and it eventually leads to an increase in the overall performance. With our GeoHEMs solution for earth moving equipment you can monitor both the productivity of the equipment

Monitor Fuel Usage
Fuel costs over 60% of the total operations cost of heavy earth moving equipment. With our GeoHEMs solution, know exactly how much you are spending on fuel by having a detailed analysis of fuel used, fuel filled, and fuel removed. You don't have to depend on erroneous and sometimes dishonest manual records

RPM monitoring
If you want to know how the usage of your machine on the field is and if there are any sudden variations in the fuel averages, you can opt for RPM monitoring, along with the fuel monitoring option. In addition to fuel usage, you can also analyse fuel consumption against the actual RPM and ensure the excavator is operated at the right RPM in the right terrain.

Enable Geo-fencing
With our GeoHEMs solution for earth moving equipment create geographical boundaries called Geofences on the map around operational area. An alert is sent, every time the vehicle enters or exits the Geofence. This helps in monitoring of increased operational efficiency, workforce optimization and elevated security and safety levels for the user.

Operator Monitoring
With the help of our solution identify the operators by providing them the access cards. This helps in ensuring that only authorized personnel with the access card can operate the machines. With the access cards, detailed attendance with time-in and time-out can also be checked. The solution also provides an additional camera to ensure and cross verify that the operators do not use the proxies

Remote Immobilizers
With our GeoHEMs solution for earth moving equipment you can remotely detect, the unauthorized usage of your equipment like after work hours or on holidays, at other than defined location etc. and then remotely immobilize the equipment using the immobilizer option.

Reduce Maintenance Cost
Get automatic alerts via SMS and emails for servicing and maintenance schedule of the equipment. Execute, plan and schedule maintenance program to keep your equipment healthy, helping you reduce unexpected downtimes, overall maintenance cost, and fuel consumption. Also, get timely reports on the distance traveled, engine-run hours (HMR) and Battery health.

Operational Reports
Get detailed reports on operator/machinery for day-to-day monitoring, operator productivity reports, machinery productivity report, over speeding, fuel usage etc. on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also get regulatory document renewal reminders for taxes, permits, insurance, pollution certificates, etc. are provided via SMS or emails

What Goes into The Solution?

MosChip’s Heavy Equipment Monitoring is a holistic solution comprising of an intelligent electronic IOT device with associated sensors and cloud application software. Our device is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions like dust, humidity, temperatures, power fluctuations etc. It has provisions to connect various sensors to monitor engine parameters like fuel level, coolant temperature, RPM, run hours etc. It uses GPS technology for identifying the location and 2.5G/4G cellular network for internet connectivity to send all the parameters to the cloud. We have also provided solutions in areas without a cellular range.

Applications of our Solutions


School Bus


Concerete Pavers

Oil Tankers