Cold Chain Logistics Monitoring

MosChip’s Cold Chain Logistics Tracking solution – TempTracker provides real-time tracking and monitoring of the temperature-controlled trucks used in Food, Chemical and Pharma industry. The solution keeps check on the temperature, humidity of the cargo in the truck, fuel level of the truck and tracks its location. The data collected is sent regularly to our cloud application for logging, reporting, analyzing and generating various alerts based on alarm conditions. E.g. In case of any fluctuations from the set temperature or humidity band, an instant alert is sent out to the registered SMS/Email of the stakeholders. This solution helps food, beverage and pharma manufacturers to improve operational efficiency and ensure compliance with food/drug safety initiatives.

With TempTracker solutions, we address the following problems:

⦁ Out of band temperature inside the container risks the food/drugs quality.
⦁ Stealing / siphoning / adulteration of goods from trucks / containers.
⦁ Unauthorized stops or routes of trucks.
⦁ Deviation in fuel consumption, schedule adherence and efficient routing and lack of schedule adherence are some common but extremely worrying problems.
⦁ Driving patterns of the drivers etc.

Solution Features

  • Real-time temperature, humidity and location monitoring along with deviation alerts
  • Ensure that trucks operate on the designated routes
  • Continues recording even in case of no network zones
  • Send HACCP compliance reports.
  • Access to daily, weekly and monthly reports for performance and fuel data.
  • Easy integration with existing SAP/ERP systems

Solution Benefits

Temperature Monitoring
Receive real-time information on the temperature & humidity levels in the refrigerated vehicle. Remotely monitor and control the temperature to keep the desired values.

Real-time tracking
Get real-time locations of your refrigerated vehicles using digital maps. Also, know the speed, distance traveled, the route followed, unauthorized stops and the hours of operations.

Instant Alerts
Receive alerts via SMS or Email in case of temperature variations, refrigerator compressor is ON or OFF, route deviations, tamper detection, containers door left open for a prolonged time or unscheduled stops.

Access detailed reports on temperature history during complete travel. Get a detailed trip report with analysis of routes taken, stop, unscheduled stops. You can download the reports in excel file format.

Fuel Monitoring
Know your spending on fuel by having a detailed analysis of fuel consumption (distance travelled per litre), fuel filled, and fuel removed.

Stop Adulteration
Any adulteration happens using tanker door, so door open sensors now generate an alert with which you can catch such events. Additionally, route deviation also helps for tracking such events.

Monitor from any device
Monitor your trucks on the go using a smartphone or using the browser on your laptop or desktop. Download the mobile app for easy management.

Conform to Regulatory Compliance
Improve regulatory compliance through automated collection and logging of temperature and humidity data, eliminating monetary losses due to non-compliance.