Increase Effectiveness and Profitability by Monitoring Your Fleet

MosChip understands a fleet management organization’s profitability is dependent on multiple factors, including eff­icient customer service, maximum fleet utilization, minimum downtimes, and e­ffective asset life cycle management.

MosChip’s GeoHEMS can help your business improve its eff­iciency and maximize profitability. GeoHEMS provides businesses with the vehicle’s exact location, hours of operation, and provides service maintenance reminders.

Whether you are a commercial fleet, government fleet or over-the-road fleet management company, MosChip’s Fleet Management Solution provides asset tracking and advanced monitoring tools to virtually control your fleet from anywhere.

Impacting the Bottom Line

Fleet management

Why Choose Us?

  • Maintenance Alerts

Receive automatic maintenance schedule alerts to minimize the break-down and operational.

  • Fuel Management

Get reports on daily fuel consumed, average fuel consumption etc and minimize your operational cost & fuel.

  • Mobile App

Manage your fleet on the go from anywhere using our GeoHEMs Mobile App.

  • Analytical Reports

Get daily/weekly/monthly reports on fuel consumed, furl used, trips taken etc on a single dashboard.

  • Real-time Tracking

Know the actual location of your fleet with the integrated Digital Maps.

  • Temperature Sensing

Temperature monitoring made easy for temperature sensitive product transportation.

Benefits of Using MosChip’s Fleet Management Solution

  • Reduce Operational Cost

By optimizing the fuel efficiency, monitoring the health of the vehicles, real-time tracking, streamline reports, improved routing and managing driver’s performance can help Fleet managers to reduce their operating costs and increase the profitability.

  • Automated Fleet Reports

Receive daily/weekly/monthly reports on fuel consumed, fuel thefts, short-fills, trips taken, routes taken, operational hours, idle hours, KMPL, engine hour reports. Our reports let you identify the trends of your fleet helping you to make better and informed business decisions.

  • Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor all your fleets using a single dashboard. Get real-time location tracking, Geofencing, and routing with our Fleet Management Solutions. Set benchmarks and get instant alerts when those are breached.

  • Real-time Tracking

Track your fleet live using our Fleet Management Solution using our desktop dashboard or our mobile app. Track the unauthorized use, arrival time, unscheduled stops and the route taken by the driver.

  • Geo-fencing

Use Geofencing to track the exact number of stops and time spend at each location – thus increasing daily customer stops. Cut down on unauthorized use by monitoring zones around driver’s homes.

  • Instant Alerts & Escalations

With our solution get instant alerts via SMS/Email in case of any abnormalities. Identify the ineffectiveness instantly and act to avoid any break-downs or theft. Receive alerts for:

  1. Route deviations and delays
  2. Un-authorized stops
  3. Thefts of goods
  4. Maintenance overdue /
  • Integration with SAP/ERP Systems

If you have existing ERP/SAP/Transport Management systems and you use those for customer billing, you can integrate GeoHEMS with it. Integration with SAP TM module for 3PLs that helps in improved transportation/ parcel /tariff planning, improved use of assets, multi-resource scheduling resulting in better decision-making capabilities.

  • Advanced + customizable technologies

Re-usable electronic tags (RFID / BLE) to track individual assets, support for camera – useful for transportation of high value goods. Integration with sensors like lid open, temperature, door open etc. special goods.