Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution

In developing countries, the uninterrupted availability of power is a challenge. In such situations, most businesses, hospitals, and other establishments need a backup power source. The most popular and the oldest power source is Diesel Generator.

Diesel Generator being critical equipment, it is very important that it must be always ready to provide the power as soon as the main supply is down. Two most important inputs which must be in proper condition are Battery and Diesel level in the tank in addition to various other parameters which are more important for smooth running of backup power.

MosChip’s GeoHEMS-DG is a comprehensive Diesel Generator Monitoring solution which helps to monitor diesel generators using proven technology. We have tested GeoHEMS on Cummins, CAT, TATA, Mahindra and other numerous other DG brands. With our solution, remote fuel monitoring can be done with the help of 2.5G/4G technology. With our GeoHEMS solution, you can adhere to the best practices suggested by OEMs and keep your diesel generators healthy and running, giving you the best ROI.

MosChip renders solution for Diesel Generator Set monitoring which helps businesses to continuously monitor battery status, diesel availability, and engine parameters such as operational hours, the energy produced and fuel consumption from anywhere using a single dashboard. GeoHEMS-DG 24/7 monitoring solution increases the reliability of your generators by eliminating 95% of all Shutdown / Fail-to-Start situations.

This solution from MosChip comes with a fuel sensor that provides fuel data in litres with high accuracy. Our cost-effective telematics controllers connect to ALL major brands of generators, providing access to diagnostic information directly from the DG controller over MODBUS.

  • Monitor your DG sets 24 x 7 using our cloud application from anywhere.
  • Receive daily/weekly/monthly reports to your email or via courier delivered to your office.
  • Know the load patterns and total energy generated by the DG set in any time period. Relate kWh to fuel consumption and calculate kWh/liter or kWh/gallon.
  • Get detailed reports for diesel filled (top-ups), diesel removed, DG set ON/OFF, Mains and DG overlapping, etc.
Diesel generator monitoring

Benefits of Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution

  • Get optimum energy units per liter: Our solution helps you to know the exact load pattern. In case any DG set is underperforming, action can be taken at the right time. Get insights into DG operations by knowing the kWh/liter, total units generated on daily/weekly/monthly basis and continuous load patterns.
  • Prevent diesel theft: GeoHEMs-DG helps you to monitor every drop of fuel that is removed in the tank. Diesel is generally stolen by filing less than claimed fuel in the tank. Our solution helps you to detect the exact amount of diesel that is filled.
  • Reduce maintenance cost: Get timely automatic alert SMS and emails for servicing and maintenance. Also get alerts on engine run hours, battery voltages and temperature trends
  • Increase Efficiency: By knowing the current load, the total energy produced, fuel consumed and other parameters like temperature, pressure, etc. you can monitor the efficiency of each DG set.
  • Analytical Reports: Hourly, weekly, monthly reports on the DG set helps the businesses to make informed decisions. Get fuel reports, operational hours report, engine run hours report and many more to make better business decisions.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Reduce the down-times with Preventive Maintenance program. Get instant SMS/Email alerts in case of any abnormalities.

Solution Benefits

Centralized & Remote Monitoring
Monitoring Diesel generator sets at multiple locations is a cumbersome process and requires a lot of manual inputs. With MosChip’s Diesel Generator Monitoring solution, you can manage several generators located at multiple locations using a single dashboard. The performance of every single DG set can be tracked using this dashboard.

Real-time tracking
With MosChip’s DG monitoring solution, you can now get all the critical parameters from every DG in real time, based on abnormal conditions of these parameters, alerts are sent to the operators via SMS/Email and immediate action can be taken.

Preventive Maintenance
With our DG Monitoring Solution know the load DG set is running on, identify under &overutilization of the DG sets, know the overlapping hours in case main power is available. With close monitoring of DG parameters along with usage, you get maintenance alerts by which timely servicing of DG is now possible,which in turn keeps your DG healthy and ensures optimal performance.

Fuel Monitoring & Prevent Pilferage
One of the major hurdles that businesses/utilities face is diesel theft and pilferage. Operators create fake Diesel bills adding to the operational cost. With our Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution, you will get daily reports on your fuel by having a detailed analysis of fuel consumed, fuel filled, and fuel removed! No dependency on erroneous and mostly dishonest manual records.

Automated Scheduling
With our Diesel generator monitoring solution, the DG sets can be turned ON or OFF from anywhere. Additionally, monitor the optimum fuel level, also get low fuel level and battery alerts instantly over SMS/email.

Monitor on the Go
Track your DG sets installed anywhere across the globe at any time. With the help of MosChip DG remote monitoring solution, track vital parameters like fuel filled, fuel consumed, operational hours of work, load patterns, door open etc from anywhere. Any critical condition shall be known immediately so that you can take instant action.

Reporting Dashboard
Our DG Monitoring Solution gives you access to various reports. Receive daily/weekly/monthly reports on daily fuel consumed, filled, removed & hourly consumption rate, unite generated by DG sets, identify a mismatch in energy produced & fuel consumed.