GEOHEMS Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution: Get complete control of your Diesel Generator Sets

Diesel generator sets are an essential part of any business. Be it a small retail shop, medium sized commercial outlet of a large manufacturing plant, Diesel Generators are installed everywhere to have uninterrupted operations in case of power loss. Diesel generators sets installed in commercial set ups or industrial set ups are costly and require a lot of maintenance.

MosChip renders solution for Diesel Generator set monitoring which allows businesses to observe Diesel Generator set parameters such as operational hours, the energy produced and fuel consumption from anywhere using a single dashboard. With GeoHEMS, multiple authorized users can now remotely determine the status of the generators from anywhere, reducing the need for costly service calls and on-site visits. GeoHEMS’ M2M (machine to machine) 24/7 monitoring solution increases the reliability of your generators by eliminating 95% of all Shutdown / Fail-to-Start situations.

This solution from MosChip comes with a fuel sensor that provides fuel data with 98% accuracy. This helps in detecting fuel the­se and saving money on it. The service you get here is can also be integrated with Modbus protocol.

Our cost-effective controllers connect to ALL major brands of generators and are Modbus compatible access to diagnostic information directly from the generator.

Diesel generator monitoring

Benefits of Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution

Reduce Operational Cost
Operational Reports
Analytical Reports for bettering operations
Remote Monitoring
Fuel Monitoring & Pilferage Alerts
Maintenance Alerts

Monitor your Diesel Generator on the go


Enhance Your Bottom Line – Monitor Your Diesel Generator Sets from Anywhere

  • Centralized & Remote Monitoring: 

Monitoring Diesel generator sets at multiple locations is a cumbersome process and required lot of manual intervention. With MosChip’s Diesel Generator Monitoring solution manage several generator sets located at multiple locations using a single dashboard. The parameters of every single DG set can be tracked using this single dashboard.

  • Real-time tracking:

Having a person 24by7 at the location for DG set monitoring is not a feasible option as involves a lot of cost. With MosChip’s DG monitoring solution, alerts are sent to the operators in case of any abnormalities via SMS/Email and immediate action can be taken.

  • Preventive Maintenance:

With our preventive maintenance program, keep your DG healthy and ensure optimal performance. With our DG Monitoring Solution know the optimal load DG set is running on, identify under & overutilization of the DG sets, know the overlapping hours in case main power is available. Get instant alerts for service & maintenance due for every DG unit installed.

  • Fuel Monitoring & Prevent Pilferage:

The major hurdles that businesses/utilities face is diesel theft and pilferage. Operators create fake Diesel bills adding to the operational cost. With our Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution gets daily reports on your spending on fuel by having a detailed analysis of fuel used, fuel filled, and fuel removed! No dependency on erroneous and mostly dishonest manual records.

  • Automated Scheduling:

With our Diesel generator monitoring solution, the DG sets can be turned ON or OFF from anywhere. Additionally, monitor the optimum fuel level, in case of insufficient fuel get instant alerts.

  • Monitor on the Go:

Track your DG sets installed anywhere across the globe at any time. With the help of MosChip DG remote monitoring solution, track vital parameters like fuel filled, fuel consumed, operational hours of work, load patterns, door open etc from anywhere. In case of any critical event, solve the issue from anywhere.

  • Reporting Dashboard:

Our DG Monitoring Solution gives you access to various reports. Receive daily/weekly/monthly reports on daily fuel consumed, filled, removed & hourly consumption rate, unite generated by DG sets, fuel the­fts, identify a mismatch in energy production & fuel consumed. Receive immediate notices via SMS and email to stop the­fts.