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The Future of Hardware Security: How history can help

This was a webinar hosted by security expert David Rogers, A recent MBE awardee & CEO of Copper Horse along with our strategic Partner UltraSoC‘s CSO Aileen Ryan.

With one foot in the past and a visionary eye on the future, David Rogers MBE gives an entertaining and informative talk about historical security measures and failures over hundreds of years that can help instruct the future of security design for hardware in connected devices.

The webinar will walk through specific examples and techniques from history for providing security and defense and relate it to the cybersecurity world of today and attacks in the connected device and services world across many different types of business sectors. It will also cover the techniques needed for the future and how attackers will adapt to existing best practices for hardware security. The webinar will discuss how best to approach this continual change in the security landscape and how to manage it.

Your Takeaways:
  • Why static defenses fail
  • The importance of strength in depth
  • Why monitoring is crucial and how to do it
  • What the future of hardware security looks like and how it is likely to develop
Role of MosChip in Achieving ultimate Security for the clients
  • Exclusive & sole partner for UltraSoc to provide ultimate hardware security in India.
  • We are one of the IoT Secure solutions providers for Assets, Street Lighting, Smart Metering, etc.

For more details, email us at contact@moschip.com

Here is the video of the full webinar