Analog Layout Engineer

Hyderabad, India -Full Time


3 to 10 years


B.E. / B. Tech in Electronics & Communication

Job Description:

Deep understanding and Managing layout projects of complex Analog and Mixed Signal blocks such as ADC, DAC, Integer & Fractional PLL, Ring Oscillator, LC VCO, CDRs, SerDes, HDMI, Serial I/Os, LVDS, PMIC, DC-DC Buck, Boost & Buck-Boost converters and LDO

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Expertise in High Speed, Low Voltage and Low Power CMOS layout design techniques.
  • Exposure to technology different nodes.
  • Expertise in Layout Design tools such as Virtuoso, Virtuoso-XL
  • Exposure to Calibre, Hercules and Assura.
  • Critical layouts such as PLL, DLL, LNA, VGA, ADC, LDO.
  • Should be able to adapt to new technologies/tools/flows quickly.
  • Maintaining and modifying PDKs.
  • Exposure to digital place & route.
  • Ability to interface with different teams and prioritize work based on project needs.
  • Good Understanding on signal flow, Clock Routing, Shielding, Load Cap reduction techniques, power & ground structure, Bias signal routing.
  • Good debugging skills in all physical verification checks like LVS, DRC, DFM, ANTENNA, ERC, SOFT, OPC etc.
  • Good CMOS and Analog circuit and layout fundaments
  • Strong basics in process technology, fabrication techniques.
  • Exposure to different technology nodes.
  • Exposure to Calibre, PVS, Hercules and Assura.
  • Critical layouts such as Bandgap, PLL, DLL, LNA, VGA, ADC, LDO, Serdes
  • Good written and oral communication skills. Ability to clearly document plans.
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