Automotive Electronics and Firmware Design Services

Automotive Landscape

With the spurge in the concept of “connected car”, automotive industry is making a move towards a unique amalgamation of robust hardware and Android based firmware, with wireless connectivity over smart phones. Not just this but the vision inculcates services such as Internet connectivity, GPS navigation, smart media player, vehicle internal parameters monitoring, reminder alerts for servicing / oil change etc.


Electronics / Hardware

  • Withstanding voltage fluctuations and spikes.
  • Handling extreme temperatures, dust, and vibrations.
  • Building CANBus connectivity to fetch vehicle parameters.
  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to connect to smart phones.
  • Support for GPS / GSM for navigation and tracking and immobilizer functionality to resist theft.
  • Requirement of backup battery to report tampering.
  • Camera and RFID card integration to track passengers, drivers, and employees.

Firmware / Embedded Software

  • Requirement of a safe, crash proof firmware with automatic update and backup facility.
  • CANbus and Bluetooth support for higher connectivity.
  • Additional connectivity points on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, BLE especially for smart phones.
  • Embedded navigation software, media players, and other infotainment features.
  • Easy integration with Android, iPhone, Windows for mobile based custom applications.
  • Cloud connectivity for remote tracking.


MosChip has years of extensive experience and expertise in providing solution for in-the-vehicle electronics and firmware. To guarantee our commitment to provide zero-defect products, our solutions incorporate the following technological requirements:

  • We abide by AEC Q100 standards, developed by major automotive manufacturers.
  • Our products are compliant with additional automotive gradings such as EMI / EMC, Radiated Emission (RE), Radiated Interference (RI), Conducted Emission (CE), Conducted Transient Emission, Conducted Immunity, ESD, EFT, Surge, environmental test like vibration, thermal, HALT etc.
  • We have developed several systems to provide CANbus connectivity, GPS functionality, and Internet connectivity using GPRS / 3G, to develop a reliable and fail-safe device.
  • We provide surge protected circuit which includes appropriate inductors, capacitors, choke, TVS and fuses to function smoothly even when subjected to automotive spikes and surges.
  • Our systems are designed to allow Bluetooth support on user’s smart phones, Wi-Fi access points, reverse camera integration, smart media player, dashboard for display of all internal parameters of the vehicles and so on.
  • We also develop separate set of applications that are compatible with Android and Apple smart phones to give easy access to functionality such as media player, navigation, and alerts / reminders for vehicle maintenance.