Android Based Connected Car

MosChip has unmatched experience in developing domain-specific Android applications. Our solutions also cater to the automotive domain. By integrating automotive with Android, MosChip has been delivering the most futuristic Android based telematics solutions. We develop applications for both, in-vehicle local interactive systems and remote monitoring of vehicles.

MosChip has been successful in delivering a connected car concept. Some of its outstanding features are:

In-car connectivity

  • Integration with CANbus enabled vehicle information system
  • In-car entertainment
  • Passenger safety
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • GPS navigation
  • Battery monitoring
  • Fuel monitoring

Remote Connectivity

  • GPRS / 3G, for live information on location.
  • Anti-theft features
  • Periodic diagnosis through CANbus for preventive maintenance
  • Visibility on digital maps (e. g. Google maps), both on PC and the smart phones.
  • Tools to immobilize car from anywhere
  • Remote fuel monitoring
  • Additional features include, historical tracing, animated tracing, and geofencing important locations.

Expertise on developing interactive consoles

MosChip has also develops highly robust and reliable interactive console applications. These digital consoles serve as a replacement of the traditional dashboard that most vehicles generally have. The new improved digital dashboard is now equipped with:

  • In vehicle information like speedometer, fuel level and other diagnostic information. These details are obtained from CANbus.
  • In-car infotainment includes music player, video player and radio.
  • Dual 7-inch, high-resolution, full-color touch screen displays that make the new media system more usable, informative and attractive.
  • Features like distance to empty are made interactive by using digital maps. GPS navigation is also included as the basic offering.
  • SMS alerts are provided for passenger safety and vehicle breakdowns. In events like hijacks or duress, passengers can notify relatives about emergency situation along with address in textual format.